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A Glimpse of 2012 (Doomsday it’s HOAX)


since my last story about BOSTON. then today i write while am in BALI!! yeaayy Bali!!


i do i have.. Laugh, Tears, and sharing moment that i never forget. New Place, New pace of  Work and Routine, Everything is in New for me.

I start with my new Job in Coca Cola Amatil. On Feb. Right After i resigned from LAO PDR at ASEAN Sec.
how i could be happen? well, i dont know, just my 2 cent i guess.
starting the induction until the last project in Ubud, Bali. Bali? For Work? isn’t that bad, tho!INTERSTING
wait for it, until i finished my line anout this project lol lol

Well 2 months i started to understanding in coca cola plant. To do or not to do.. how to deal with people , etc. Sharing moments with GTP 10 (btw, GTP 10 my new Troopers!!) lol

Almost 2 months we studying and understanding of the bussiness. Its never be the same again, i started to rent a small room to share, far away from house, then the time was i’ve to left my roomate. icha, Zafira, Jojo and jejen 😦

DDN roomate (Icha, Zafira, Jejen, and Jojo)

DDN roomate (Icha, Zafira, Jejen, and Jojo)

i got my 1st placement On the job training in BALI!!! yeayyy… with my 6 survivors troppers!!! (Agatha, Bagas, Ida Bagus, Peter and Bernard)ahhaha couldn’t believe that we’d no where to went and to do?
and welcome to the real jungle, buddies!!!

3months in Bali with termendous things to do.. Acting like a boss, do it whatever we like since we arrived in Bali.



a good moment, until i realize they have “something” to us. They forced us to be and be the best we can do.
after our very 1st presentation about the project, now. looking deeper with the business (seriously??)

then the time i’ve to face “how jungle where i belong” right after my 1st presentation of the progress, i was sent to East Island , the place that i never think about. In the east we stay, in the east we learnt. i sent to Southern Sulawesi.

my new Project on SSi was MTP division. But waitt… until i explore Sulawesi in deep area. Traveled from one to others sub-urban area. Small city and many things. it was nice that time. i really enjoying 4 hours drove and stay in so – so hotel, btw. i sratch man’s car. hahahhaha that’s so stupid!!
I covered some area in Southern Sulawesi. And i’ve a lotta possibilities to explore the tourism place also food temptation. me and 2 others silly boy (Bagas and Peter) had this very good opportunity (well, for me yes, i dont know about those guys!lol)

a lot of thing that i’ve learnt from this programm. The way we thought, learnt maturity of life, pace of work, and understanding this industry so deeply. Interesting!! so much..

Eh Wait, i’m one of the life victim for 12-12-12 day or 20-12-2012 or 21-12-2021. Honestly am pretty happy because the forcasted of doomsday its never be happen . Instead of 12-12-12 Tante Dije birthday, 20-12-2012 A lot of my friend have their own VOWs and 21 dec of god. Its raining in Denpasar. THANK YOU for giving me an opportunity to see 2013.

so, i declare there’s no DOOMSDAY on 2012. Its HOAX.

i’ll def waiting for the next best thing on 2013. Off course after our final BIP project. The project who can define us so real, where as exactly we fits in.


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i am a part time WORKER, a part time CHEF and a FULL-TIME TRAVELER!

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