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Before I Left Boston

Today, my mom left to met her friends. I woke for breakfast, and at the moment i missed something deeply, while my mom asked me to grab her purse, i read something really interesting me. ” Boston for Reunion”.i missed Boston, i will go there after this crazy winter. 

and i let my mind flashback …. 

About two or three weeks ago. i had myself being desperately miserable. know that i’m graduating from junior high and moved back to Indonesia anytime soon and what am i gonna do afterwards? i’m confident enough that i have so much offer to this life, but now the question is what does life have to offer for me?

 i was drowned into there miseries, 9/11 tragedy made me felt insecure. My mom’s job also never known how its gonna be. my sleeping habit became catastrophe for the rest of the day.  i wont leave state very soon, i want still here. Ride my bike, down to the alley, watching Brooklyn Bridge in new york, walked into the philly’s anything i used to.

Until one day i had myself sleeping for the whole day (timing did not exist bt that time of my life), i was laying in bed in 180 degree rotation from the usual angle of normal sleeping (i did it intentionally) – facing my window pane that enables me to overlook up to the sky.

 so i woke up. i was stunned for quite a long time, frankly i was shocked. all these scenery moved me, All the sudden all the miseries disappeared. i ran into my desk to grab the camera. The moment inspired me , i can feel myself swimming in it peacefully.

 Since then i wake up early to get the chance to watch the rising sun – living the life for the rest of the day and eventually fulfilling my spirit by having a meditation which i call “swimming through my window pane” when the sun is setting down. 

sometimes even though it’s 114% humidity outside, summer in Boston is really nice

so here you go. Enjoy swimming 


About Rinny Hafid

i am a part time WORKER, a part time CHEF and a FULL-TIME TRAVELER!

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