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Best Of 2011 in ME!

in Fact, 12 month, 52 weeks, 365 days, and 8760 Hours. 

New Year COMING!! yeayy a lot of message came into my blackberry. Their remind me about ‘time flies’!! ‘New Hope, New Spirit, New of EVERYTHING!’ more or less they urged me to do something new.  

Just because I end chat your Happy New Year wishes on Broadcast Message, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it. Thanks

 A year passed with the same old things. And Today, after big party with my whole family, i stranded with my mac again. Write the possibility story in my 1st day of 2012. Might people do resolution of their life, year by year and every year to wish for. i don’t know why this momentum really have an impact. i mean, you can improved or have a new resolution every single day you had. 

for me, 2011 in 4 words it will be ‘YEAR OF Mid-Criss’ oh waiitt another 4 words ‘YEAR OF BROKEN HEART’   —->  lmao 

NOW, i will review the best of 2011 on my version!! 


always, stunned by JAVAJAZZ Festival, annually festival held every march. i never missed single fest. 

 #BestOf2011 Student Exchange (SSYEAP)

April 2011, i was selected in SSYEAP from Ministry of Youth and Sport. I took some talented performanced to got the win trip to Japan. And i was in Best 10


 #BestOf2011 My 25th Birthday!!!

May, yes!! i love this month ever!! i celebrated my 25th bday, in many different ways to celebrate. i posted my story here in my blog. Thank you my friend, Adwiya and family. bring it on! and all my fellow for the surprise party. Hey, Mbak Ade (Chairani JK) thank you for carrot cake. Yummy!!!

Carrot Cake

 #BestOf2011 RACE!! Jakarta Hitching Race

i posted this story also. Wow incredible!! i love this adventure, met my CS friend and all the crazy things. Fabs!!


 #BestOf2011 Freelance Job!!

i got my several freelance job, during 2011. I took a part in EO and Asean for sure. Is funny, because every day i saw a big transformer into real life. lol and also, i crushed with some exhibitors hahaha.. i can say it is crazy, but that was just crushed. Hey you, Rama Kunto!! i heart you… LOL 

26th Sea Games!! I love it, very much!! Indonesia, Indonesian athletes to successfully bring the good name internationally through the Sea Games

Sea Games in Jakarta Fashion Week

#BestOf2011 Interview (Secret Company) 

I never thought, someone calling me from middle of nowhere to asked me for an interview. Well i make this an appointment in very quick respond! Why not, Nothing to lose to accepted it. And again, you can see the whole story in here. 

#BestOf2011 A century of Friendship

we built, we grown, and we laughed together. In past 10 years, we’re in the same bound, same flag and same NAME!! How beautiful this things, and 2011 made us more grown-up. Thank you for this 10 years together. Keep it Fight, Greys!! More you can read here

#BestOf2011 My BestFriend Wedding!! 

one of my girl, officially became a Mrs. Amkas. 2 different culture into one big party. My friend origin from LAMPUNG, and her hubby origin from MAKASAR!! i was being a maid of honor! yippii.. i was so happy!!

My BestFriend Wedding

maid of (DIS) HONOR

#BestOf2011 Deutsch Fuer Anfaenger

Exhibition opening on Tuesday, the 15th of November 2011, 10.30 am with Dr. Norbert Baas, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, and Franz Xaver Augustin, Goethe-Institute, Regional Director for Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Humorous and with a tad of self-irony “Deutschland für Anfänger” (Germany for Beginners) answers questions about the history, culture and politics of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Based on the German alphabet, the letters in the exhibition explore concepts from A like “Arbeit” (work) and F like “Fußball” (football) to Z like “Zukunft” (future): Not in small print, but super-sized, colourful and appealing. The interactive nature of the exhibition invites visitors on a journey to form their own picture of Germany – the exhibition allows visitors to participate, explore, contemplate and smile.

The exhibition opens with a sound tunnel welcoming visitors with typical sounds representing daily life in Germany. An audio booth with football songs and a video screen that allows observers to get a glimpse of German “Gemütlichkeit” during the Oktoberfest (annual beer fest) are also part of the exhibition.

Deutsch Fuer Angfaenger

#BestOf2011 Nenek Bday!!
On the last day in 2011, Last day in December. Nenek Bday, No Cake but new sillicon baking. LOL
I can hardly understand ur taste, nek. But I love you. Get Better, Dont get to Older! 

I can’t even remember what I did exactly at this hour a year ago today. Or two years ago. New Years haven’t been that much memorable lately. Say goodbye to yesterday, say hello to the all new me.  Although today’s just another day, but now 2011 is just a memory.
Since today’s the first day of the new year and all, I’ma do something totally different

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i am a part time WORKER, a part time CHEF and a FULL-TIME TRAVELER!

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