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Ice Cream Goreng / Fried Ice Cream

Well, sebenernya sekarang udah mulai musim penghujan tapi kali ini i made something twisted into my tongue. Yap!! es krim goreng, is super easy and also all the ingredients avail on my fridge. so, dont waste a time to explained why you have to made this, but in short you have to really considered to have’em for your dessert!!

here go!!

Fried ice cream

Fried Ice Cream oreo and chocolate chips 


Ice Cream all variant flavours (i use strawberry oreo and chocolate chip)

Bread / roti tawar (tanpa pinggiran)

1 egg


bread crumb/ tepung roti

HOW- TO – Make

1. tipiskan roti tawar dengan rolling pin, lalu ambil 1 scoop ice cream, dan buat roti menjadi bentuk bulat/ persegi, bungkus dengan alumunium foil.

2. simpan dalam freezer 3 jam/ lebih

covered with alumunium foil

3. Keluarkan, lalu balur dengan tepung, dan masukan di kocokan telur, lalu terakhir balurkan dengan tepung roti, bungkus lagi dengan alumunium foil hingga membeku (3jam – lebih)

4. Siap digoreng disuhu panas, jangan terlalu lama. Hingga warna kecoklatan saja.

unexpected twisted 'hot and cold'

Lets have your own Hot and Cold as a dessert!! 


About Rinny Hafid

i am a part time WORKER, a part time CHEF and a FULL-TIME TRAVELER!

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    aq pngenlAh jadi tmen share tentang ice cream goreng ini,.,.,


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