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Best Mock-up interview,Fierce!!

Hello, may i speak to ms. Rinny Hafid? i would to invite you on Tuesday on 3pm at Hotel Shangri-La for an interview. Do you have a time?

 Interview? in 5 star Hotel? really? did he had a wrong number to call?No, He doesnt, because he said a correct my full name. But, i never applied for any job in that company. where the hell he know my number and all my ID?

 he replied, “we know from your university, so do you have a time to interview for our company this tuesday?”

OK thats make a sense, since the university off course have my data base as well, and i’m really interesting with that BIG COMPANY. Really, i was dreamed to being a part of that company!!! i remember, back in 2008 i was applied for several position and no-one call from their HR department. LOL “pathetic”!!

 But today, why i have to refused this a great opportunity? am i kidding? or stupid?

i answered very quicked ” YES, would love to come your interview”

 5 hours before the meeting, i learned quickly about the company, this very big company. they produce a cigarette in this world. Very big company and had a lot of best employee. for me, this interview like a have been doing since i was graduate, and they just want to know about me, myself and my passion. i know how to answered this easy question, i have been doing this all the time. through this yeaarrrrrrr!!!! so, i make it gently and calm, like a pro. LOL

 About one a half hour i spent with Mr Eric to interview, like others interviewer we more or less talked about anything he wanted to know about me. But i saw him a lil bit clumsy. And for some reason, i really easy-going after i know about the mock-up interview.

 Me, and 7 candidate whose are they a man, and i am the only one women we felt so excited about the interview, none among us known what was up to. But we had in one common, we’re from the reputable university in town, with a different background. Me in Finance&Banking, Rubi from Economic Management, Rizky from Law School, Renald and Malik from Pshycology, Hendra from IT , Anindya from Computer and the last guy whose name Unggul from Al-azhar, i dont know about him, he quite guy and we dont have a changes to lil bit conversation.

 since, 4 pm and we had a coffee break i just fallen in love with the pastry, i like sweet and all the croissant. damn!! i cant resist,

i have an interview for a great position in the big company, and now what? i am stranded in Luxury Hotel in town. Also had a fancy Dinner in SATOO!! what a lucky me!!! 

 i heard about this from Rubi, hahahah what a shamed he wont left the hotel before we had a dinner, so, we’re 7 in very fine dining at SATOO, we mingle and enjoy the great dinner. BTW, i like SATOO!

 i start with Sushi!! well, i think a lot about sushi tei lately, but now i ate a sushi and fresh shrimp in SATOO. a good start y’all


then, i search for taglioni pasta with alfredo sauce and my condiment are a turkey (Happy ThanksGiving!!), Seabass Fish also coriander potato! FIESTA!!! i love my dinner!!!

western Station

Also i tried a duck pecking in Chinese station, they provide a good duck and Indian stall also, but i prefer choose a duck then the curry, since i not really like much about indian curry itself, but yeah why not to try?


And on the corner i saw JAMU station, they provided some JAMU? really. its so unique!! for the dessert? oohh gosh!! i cant quite from this station, a lot of menus i adored such a cherry jubile, foundue, all the pastries, ice  cream and all kind those dessert always temptating me!!!

dessert station


Sweet From Heaven!!










i got lil bit tipsy, after i finished my Cheery  Jubilee, is a good combination between the pancake, Grand Monsuir liquier and Cheery condiment with tepanyaki ice cream. wooww!! what a dessert


Thank you for all candidate i hope we will meet again, in a great opportunity. Also Thanks a bunch for ‘secret company’ for this fabs interview. On behalf of the candidate i would say thank you very much. fierce!!!

WELL, just my luck!!

About Rinny Hafid

i am a part time WORKER, a part time CHEF and a FULL-TIME TRAVELER!

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