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Pudding OREO

Like i said before on last story, cooking or baking with nenek ‘so-called-fast-paced-environment’ and not to be mention ‘multi-tasking’

while, i am doin my muffins, nenek already for her ‘fabss recipe from pudding’ she know that i loooveee pudding very much!

pudding oreo-nya itu hampir bikin saya batal puasa. ngahahahaa.. 3 layers with floating oreo? c’mon how you can imagined that? finally, i know how to make it. Unfortunately i was forget to wrote, she asked me to learned it from her ‘KITAB SUCI RESEP NENEK’ hahahaa..

an ancient recipe book! LOL

Thank you for nenek!!

i try to remember the ingredients and how-to-cook

Layer 1

Oreo disusun di loyang

Adonan Puding Coklat (Evaporated milk, Agar-agar bungkus, Schoko Powder, DCC, Gula pasir, 4 kuning telur)

lalu siram deh di atas oreo

Layer 1


Layer 2













Layer 2

Adonan Puding Putih (Evaporated Milk, Air,Agar-agar, caramel sugar, gula pasir, putih telur kocok kaku)

bagian ini agak complicated, harus bikin caramel dari gula pasir yang nanti dimasukin ke adonan puding putihnya, dan hasilnya gak terlalu putih pekat. Dan harus cepat kerjanya, karena adanya penambahan putih telur kaku.

Layer 3

Layer untuk topping yang isinya hanya whipping cream. (whippy powder, susu dan rhum essence) dan serutan DCC White and Chocolate , plus dried cherry and chocohip!

Pudding Oreo


This is my all time favorite pudding!!


'beware, you gonna addicted!like my lil sister'


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