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Back into kitchen!!

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Yeah.. woohoooo!! Kitchen battle!!!

Well well well.. after yeah I’ve to say again. Continuing my research paper, I really left a side my hobby in the kitchen. I left my activity in kitchen and publish into my blog. So here the recap!

After making a chicken adobo in Piliphine Cooking Class. I attend a several class such as:

  • Steak Lover

 So actually, this class was joined with our CS member who the owner of Steak Lover Restaurant,located in Kemang Timur. The host gave us a changes to cook their speciality menu from the restaurant, live from the real kitchen and with their chef. For me this, because I was late so I missed the 1st menu, beef steak. But i don’t wanna missed the 2nd recipe for the desert was pancake ice cream, fully loaded yet having fun with all the member. And this was the 1st time we arranged the class outside volunteer kitchen. And also, yes we had a surprise for all member. and i get some knife set. Thank you miss  (sorry I was forgot the name of the owner) LOL

my own Steak!!

me and bella win some doorprize!!

  • Potluck and Dessert

Some of our friend was arranged their trips, so this month I thought we run-off the idea of making a class. So we decide to make some simple recipe for dessert, cupcakes decorating! Yeay.. love it!! I dunno what a creative they are to make some cutes cake. Chef Mawati brought us into the wildest dream in ‘kinder’ dreamland. Flash back into the clay play and doin the funny things into the ‘foundant’ and ‘trimies’. Each person made 2  cupcakes with their creation. Voila!! I deeply involve of making of mine. Put some colours, created some shape, made a print-off with the small printed shape. Supeerrr fun and colour full. The end of the class we claimed our creation, to show-off. LOL and last but least our host brought some lunch set and some of my friends too. Many of food and many of colour in our tennis table set. LOL

Cupcakes Tower

my own cupcakes creation

  • Japanese Class Batch 2!!!

This class always STUNNING!! Yes, for me!! last class in japanese cooking we made almost 30 person attend, our settle chef Saeko came with a new recipe. Such as Daifuku (Japanese Mochi), Sushi (as always, but the new method) and a very twisted recipe of this class was “SOTO AMBENGAN”, recipe from our new member in CS Cooking Class. What a twisted!! I still wondered had a takoyaki class for the next Japanese class. Hopefully. But I liked very much, though!


sushi and Inari


Japanese Full Team

  • Thailand Cooking Class

Green Curry, Tom Yum, fresh spring roll and Pad Thai? Really? Can you resist? I’m in!! count me in. After my last journey to asia, and tasted the authentic thai food in Bangkok, I adored with green curry in Kin Lop Sa Pan restaurant. Yeahhh!! The tasted so great, and the tom yum, please sent me back to Bangkok again. Our friend from Bangkok Dah Sritaveekul is our chef in this class, she from Hat-Yai, so the recipe I think more got an influence from the south part of thai and lil bit more Malaysian. Nice.. nice .. nice. Its an unpredictable taste, you can felt sour, sweet and so spicy!! One of our friends and me off course cant stand of the chilly, so I eat as possible I could!! LOL.. but yeah I’m giving up with the green curry!  

Fresh Shrimp Roll

Tom Yum yummmyyy

Pad Thai

Green Curry

Like many class that I’ve attend, our last dessert is gonna be the ultimate ‘ice cream’, the class wasn’t over yet before we close our condiment with something sweet in ‘ice cream’ fabs!!!

Cant wait to another cooking class with couchsurfing cooking class.

Thai Class Team

Japanese Team Weekday Class

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