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Chatuchak – Hua-Lampong- definitely LOST!

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I started again to write my ‘pending’ story. After a long hectic month through my graduation day, I cant even write my backpacking experience. So, I started to remember again. So here’s quick

Reminds me about Bangkok last day, my end of journey in Thailand was in the Famous MARKET called : chatuchak. I don’t know how to spell it well, but I try do my best to give best describe.

7.30AM me and my friend still searching for the flight or another acomodation to Hatyai. We didn’t decided yet. We lost the last train, or even the best fare from the cheapest flight, but we still haunted to Hua-Lampong Station for the best result. We took tuk-tuk unto ratchadewi metro, and through the hua-lampong the last station.

Hua Lampong Train Station

Hua-lampong station, at glance looked likes a art-deco style. I don’t the subway pretty clean, and they provide a best pedestrian way. Even me whose bring a semi-kopfer. We straight to the locket, see the possible time to got the last train to hat-yai. We found as possible we could, the economic sleeper train or at least and I always wanted to got the seat in business train which approx 4 hours more faster than the economic ones. But, yes we got the economic at 3.50pm.

After we paid the ticket, we still have a few hours to sightseeing. Yes, we back from phuket then we still curious about the famous market in thai, catuchak.

From hua-lampong, we decide to packing our backpack bag, prepare all the stuff etc, then we look forward to catch the BSM straight to catuchak station, WHAT A JOURNEY!!!!

hua-lampong railways

hall-way from hua lampong BSM Station

I don’t know what I’m look for in chatuchak, but this euphoria brings me there.  I never realize this market is supppppeerrrrrrrrrr big!! They are from many block who provide all the people needs. From ware to food, from tattoo to animal prints. A lot!! Really you can resist that!! And I was LOST in the name of MARKET! How come??

Yeah.. we came from the others gate but we couldn’t found the exit way! What a crap! LOL

I’ve to say, chatuchak is a suppeerrrrr big like a jungle with a lot of  seller and buyer. The cheapest goods from a lot of different place in Thailand. You named it..

chatuchak map

I decide to bought some authentic snack from thai, and looking for a reff magnetic for my collection,hehehe.. I saw a lot of t-shirt only 100bath, and we find a very freshness ice cream from coconut its cost 30bath, it is worth it to tasted.

Coconut Ice Cream stand

Almost 2hours we goofing-around and spent our money then we should have to went back to apartment to took our luggage and right away to hua-lampong train station direct to Hat-yai, for the next day hopefully arrived in Kuala Lumpur.

Lets see what happened in 20hours journey to the border!!!

LOST. IN . chatuchak

yummmyy Coconut Ice Cream


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