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Why Cooking?

Hoollabacckk, Chef!!

I would like to share a story about how I was deeply involved with cooking

I have lived in many places in various countries. Born and raised in different country (I hope you know where it is) , I used to spent eight year as a student in the United States and spent numerous wonderful summers in country like  Germany, Budapest, Moscow, Helsinki, and many others. Recently I traveled to Asia. While I am abroad, I urged myself to plunge into the dynamics of local life and the rhythm of its vibrant culture. Of course, it took a lot of courage to do so. I have lost count on how many times I was involved in a situations where misunderstanding could led to conflicts. But then again, as I have previously mentioned, I enjoyed every second and every moment while I’m abroad.

my mother, used to asked me went groceries to bought the raw food and cooking myself for dinner. i spent a lot of money to bought some book tittle ‘How To Bake : Easy Dessert For The Singles‘. I Couldn’t passed it up, really adorer with those book. i started to baking and doin a great things in my kitchen. Its felt like magic. I love dessert and i spent a lot to made in good! Now, i took some class in Cooking Class.

I primarily eat home-cooked meals and only dine out once or twice a week for a change. This means I will bring home-cooked food into the office when necessary. Often people compare their own highly-processed and greasy meals to mine and admit envy. But not always. Once, my mentor told me I was wrong. He told me it’s better to dine out because my time as a worker was “worth more money.”

My-Kitchen-my Pleasure

Besides taking pictures of the landscape and the life, I did numerous research on meals and gastronomic appearance on each areas. It was remarkable how even the closest region like Germany and Italy could produce a remarkable trademark on its staple foods and specialties. Italy is a heaven for gastronomers, of course, but I was talking about the Western part of Italy, where even sharing land borders doesn’t necessarily means they both share similar culinary feature.

I also spent some times to get to know the locals and ask for their favorite recipes. At the beginning, I thought this method was too ‘agressive’ to get to know the culture and the cooking trademark of one area. But I was wrong as most people were more than happy to share their favorite recipes. Trust me, nothing made me happy more than getting to know wonderful people from all over the world!

When people asked me questions like how was I so ‘into’ cooking, here’s my story: I’m currently enrolled as a Junior at a University. My friends always ask me questions like, “why do you like to cook while you study and are actually GOOD at it?” Well, my answer to this question was simple. I told her that cooking is like conducting a political diplomacy. In cooking, you would HAVE to search and strike the right balance between ingredients and cooking method so that the recipe you are cooking would come out perfectly. Same like in political diplomacy, of course there will be two parties who have interests to be achieved. And, to reach an agreement, both diplomats need to search and strike the right balance between two interests, right? 
Besides, I really think cooking has a lot of advantages and plus points ;D

We need radical thinking, but we don’t need a revolution. We don’t need an overthrow of capitalism. Nor do we need to become vegetarians. We need not become spartans. We’re just going to have to learn how to cook.

Here, in my blog, you could find every kind of recipes. Ranging from Dessert, Main Course and also Appetizer, beside the Mediterranean Cuisine, Asia, Middle Eastern, African, American, European, and what not?

We ought to start by looking at the great food cultures of the world. The traditional cuisines of Asia and North Africa, not to mention France and Italy, are based on rice, wheat, spices and smatterings of all cuts of meat. In just about every other cuisine, protein plays second fiddle to grains and vegetables. When meat appears, it does so modestly; it takes up less space on the plate, and more often than not it’s a piece of the animal–tripe or oxtail–that Americans so willingly discard.

I firmly urged you to try these recipes that I write in my blog. I already tried them before, and the outcome was absolutely delicious. If you taste a significant ‘twist’, you might want to adjust some ingredients because i add more spices into my recipes just to make the flavor more ‘colorful’

There are so many examples of recipes that I obtained during my travel journey. There are many more of them in this blog. Please feel free to browse thoroughly and place comments or rates 
Have fun and good luck!



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i am a part time WORKER, a part time CHEF and a FULL-TIME TRAVELER!

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