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Previously! 3 Batch on Cooking Class

i do love this class of 2011 of Traveller Cooking Class

Traveller Cooking Class

lately, i was wonder how pain my back after a long time in front of my macbook. Keep doin writing and do the things for spent my valuable time. Gather, with my iPod playing i found the old recipe that i’ve to make it before 2011. HAHAHA Gosh, i was forgot about it, but yeah i’ll do it right after my ‘baby‘ release in advanced (paper research – red).

i was so really stuck and wonder this is only a occasional assignment from my mentor or whatever. Bu the Nerves is getting more and more. Make this masterpiece into the brilliant legacy for your next generation. hahahaha lame

back to the recipe.

almost 3 batch i was forgot to writing again, here. previously in my kitchen Japanese Cooking Class , Philipiness Cooking Class, and last 2 weeks ago Chinese Cooking Class

Chinese Cooking Class was located in the same place with Japanese Class. Groß werkauto.   The host really nice and everything like a really great time maker. hhahaha but i was really surprise about the fortune cookies that i choose after the class ended. the cookies said “enjoy the holiday”

Fortune Cookies

how they know about it? what a coincidence or its just my luck, btw! LOL but i deserve a week holiday after the paper torture was ruins my moods. i’m getting used to with this picture. i always gigling

in-mid-off cooking, i’ve myself thinking so hard about the recipe. esp the duck. i promise to myself to listen my private doctor do not eat a poultry in order to get stay healthy and blaa blaa blaa.. the doctor assume me about the fat and all the toxic when i got consume those poultry. i couldnt passed it up. it is ssoooooo Hard! i am not in diet program so why i’ve to scary about it? so?

i make a fun with this things, the duck after the marinated a whole day, and ready to process. But i examines again all over the meat to find the dangerous side, see the mouth and open her/his butt the yeahhh taking a picture. hahhahaahha

Duck Massacre

Sorry, Duck! it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than to be absolutely boring. hahhaa i made fun off it, then the rest member did the same thing. and the result? aweessoommeeeeeeeeee… thank you chef.

Philippines Class

Its Supper Weird and funny class!! our chef brings the house down!

yeeaahhh baby!! fantastiche . This is the 1st time to eat the philippines food, i was remember when my old friend came to jakarta and he brought some traditional food from manila. i was puked and i didn’t why i doing this. But after this class i really got crams on my stomach, they put a lot of black peppers. for god’s sake.. what i’ve to do? the food so really temptating but the peppers staring at me and say : “hello, i am your disaster this week, cant wait to see you in toilet a whole day or even a whole week!”

Holly-Crap!! ok, let me introduced my stomach with this strong and spice food. And Btw the philippines food is always consist of sugar, sugar and sugar. i dont the method but the day i’ve learned about my chef put a lot of sugar on it.

for dessert we make “halo-halo” which is mean “mix” or in Indonesia “campur-campur”. once again , we made a fun of this! LOL everytime we call each other , we didnt used “halo” words but we changed it with “campuuurrr” hahhahahaa isnt silly??


before the class started, and waiting for the chef we made some bento making this idea comes from one of the member and bento was made from rice and all the complementary was easy to find in market, the biggest things here were how to made this bento so temptating? i made my bento for my lil cousin. i have an idea to made this for her school snack, but its didnt work because she flatly refused. lol

bento making

ne-of the best bento making friends of mine









how cute there are, mine? totally lame! i said suppeerr lame… lol and the rice didnt stick each other! hahaha

Japanese Class

This class always full-booked! who doesnt like the japanese food? nobody.

i am happy o be part of it, and the chef from japan very nice and easy to understand. chef saeko kato.

ok, that day we made a team with difference recipe and i got nina, aie, and jeje as my team. hahaha we didnt knew each other btw, but we have to made this team won from other, my team made 2 recipe i dunno for desert or the dishes. i recalled those day, my team totally involve in disaster and sillyness, we didnt knew the measure for exactly but we put as long as we want it. The most important things the taste itself, people didnt know nothing about what we exactly doin while in kitchen,right?

so here our dishes

matsukaze yaki (chicken meatloaf)


Kuri Kinton










Kuri kinton is mashed sweet potato with sweet chestnuts (kuri). It’s one of Japanese New Year’s food (osechi). Its golden yellow color symbolizes prosperity.

and sushi making!!!! yeaahh sushi making such a hardest part, i never thought to its difficult to fold and roll in the same time, but i try so hard to make it simple and yet delicious. lol

my-sushi-look alike

try to chop my unsticky sushi!

Voilla!!! Sushi Oishi









Ok, Its A Wrap!! Thank you for the hilarious class ever! we will meet again, in next batch! can wait to see you guys!! soonest

Thank you for all my chef! to taught and everything everything, such doin a great job!!

Its A Wrap!!



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