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Bitter Sweet of life in 2010 words

Glucliche Neue Jahr

Time Flies, now im in 2011. EVERYTHING in 2010 was an amazing! one of the best year, i ever had.

Kalau mau dirunut dari awal 2010 sampai berakhirnya tahun itu 3 hari yang lalu, mungkin akan banyak dan panjang postingannya. saya bukan termasuk golongan yang menulis rencengan resolusi untuk saya jalanin di tahun-tahun yang akan saya lalui, tetapi saya selalu punya target untuk itu. hahaha aneh bukan? yes, that’s the way i am

Tahun 2010 lalu, saya tutup dengan sebuah cake untuk my favorite nenek and for her beloved hubby (si kakek) , bday mereka berselang 1 minggu, dan ga ada salahnya kalau saya satuin aja cake-nya. hehehehe…

Dalam setahun kemarin, mungkin saya akan menulis beberapa peristiwa yang menurut saya sangat berdampak ‘dalam’ kehidupan saya ditahun itu. Beberapa hal yang selalu saya berikan ruang, untuk dapat merefleksikan siapa diri saya. menjadikan peristiwa-peristiwa tersebut sebagai “turning point”.

i am getting older, yet (hopefully) more wise. Nevertheless, i am still young than i could imagine, i am happy what i am doing, yesterday, today or maybe for the next day. A whole year with a lot of journey, passion, hurt and fooling about something out of the track, but thats life. bitter sweet of life

In the beginning of 2010

well, i got my new subject to accomplish as a sophomore , this life this new thing after 2 years passed, i didnt expected more, i tried to do well and this is a challenged for me. i couldnt passed it up, its so much blessing me.

a lot of things happened here. Met new people, continuing my social-life and took a lot of time to learn and practiced.

this is my new life, new activities, and new direction

Another things, i never ever to planned it. i take some a big decision. I decided to Traveling in Asia, traveler as a backpacker, traveling with my friends, like you could read as well in my last posting about my journey.

but i’ve to admit, i still have a few story about it, and i dont have anytime to write in before i left 2010. hehehehhee

Traveling, yeah.. a things that i can say is a pleasure yet addictive

A lot of, a lot of things possibly happened, in my last journey. People who i met, problem who i’ve had to face and figure out, and all the unpredictable things. From cold to suppeerrr hot, from Rain to warm, and yeah to many that i cant explained by word.

Asia, really gimme a big impact to saw a lot of mankind in this wicked world. Journey never ends, til you really know what was exactly your mind wanted. Tolerance and ignorance were best-friend. Stumbling and chocked everything were blur and in the end is never ever complained about anything. I took myself into this very much. And you could be more amaze when you met a people that you never know before then they gave you a lil thing that probably help you. Oh C’mon, i am not a cynical person, but randomly, i met a lot of people with their kind accepted me more than i could imagine, Thank you Traveler, you are my GURU, and i couldnt agreed more about this.

life like a real backpacker!

Marriage, its naturally on my calendar marked. hahahaa.. from my best-friend and the siblings. i was thinking so hard, did you know what marriage is? wooooww.. i always asked to them before they were married. I dont know, its silly but i am happy to all my friend about it. And with all answer off course

I took a Cooking Class, after i finished my traveling as a backpacker, yeah for sure i met people in a same common, but i do like baked afterward. i continued my lesson as a junior chef , yeah i never regret about anything to left behind. I started again, with new wave and new things here. Take a baking and cooking as my major, the chef was suupeerrr awesome, they come from very bonafide restaurant, french cafe or whatever. i am took a part

This year, International Class. Hopefully is getting better.

Hell---ooo Chef!!


flashmob? are you sure? i never put this in 101 things before i die! 10.10.10 perfect! i am on those euphoria, big euphoria! i had to learn in you-tube, took their rehershal and so on, to made a big history once in your life time, despite of the date itself. and realize that my face and my friend was in TV commercial, hahhahaha.. (this is the best part, i guess)

our 1st TV commercial!

and in the end of the year :

I met people and so on, with their own story, to share and everything was an amazing. Once again, i am so blessing with them to gave me a life lesson.

Before i closed my 2010, my friend from Poland visited me in a week (almost) to reveal Indonesia and so on, Michal Piotrowski a man who have a great passionate about languange, Asia, Orang Utan and Theory of water. He stayed in my place, my family welcoming him so well. We talked about anything, life, Food, people, and of course the traveling itself.

in the time when he left and continued his backpa

cker, there’s something bugging me so bad. hahahaaa.. yeah , anoyher life-lesson about hosting in CS.

“never put your feeling, while your hosting”.

last day in CS

Thank you mike, about lifetime project and all the stupid and silly things was happened in Angkot, Busway, etc.

last but not least, in the edge of dec 2010, 31 dec my favorite nenek was bday! i couldnt say a thing, then i always pray the best of the rest her beautiful life.

here i wrote in her Compliment card, through her cake

“Dear Nenek, i will bugging you .. a lot :), but i do love you… so much. That’s why i BAKED (BUY) these chocolate cake for you. “

Happy Bday my favorite nenek

and now, i am in Chicago.. everybody!!!

greaaattt years!

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i am a part time WORKER, a part time CHEF and a FULL-TIME TRAVELER!

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