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Our 8th Years in Grey’s Trooper

Maintenance! May it be a friendship, partnership, relationship, or the body, be aware n conscious to do the maintenance. Namaste



its almost one decade of our bonded, we met randomly in one big structure organization named ‘Student Body Organization’. we could say, that we a bunch of HARD-STRONG-AND NEVER BEEN GIVE UP TROOPER! LOL . i could passed it up, i had this opportunity in high school, i love being in mid of crowded, busy with the thingy thing and etc but its supppeerr great!

you’ll found the greatest experience to understanding each other, find a new circumstance and felt like a SHIT when people around never got NOTED! its kind like a proceed about your ENERGY- EFFORT- and SACRIFICE! i mean i talked about your day, your life and even your family.

i choose this extra to found myself to being organized, i am a lil bit found the euphoria itself! hahha.. sort of i just faced everything ahead that was time, no matter how hard it was, i admit to figure out and be cool!

At the began, the troopers almost in 50 people, and it was downsizing after the 1st eliminated proceed from our seniors, we doin like a very discipline program to found our encourage and the basic of fundamental being a leadership. its surprising for me, because i passed that examination, i dunno, i felt like silly things would be happened. but yes, this is my willing, yet silly loyalty.

our 1st project was a Break-fasting! hahahaa,, it was hilarious, full of DEBT and very super furry party!! hahahaa.. i found myself in a biggest party we ever made! actually it wasnt a party, its a gather for a people of muslim to share and pray! but yeah, its a grey’s things! made all the impossible became a possible.

one of my friends, gave us a previllage access to made this project happened! beyond our expectation it was sooooooo awesome! full of food, full of people to came and full offff DEBT to FACED! hahahahahaa… this project actually, rised from our money, we collected our money to made this happened! so, from our friends mother kindness we made it very well!

after we passed the 1st project, we made more solid than before, we faced all this problems with patiently and more grewn-ups no more fighting, no more judging! like i said, its all about how you SACRIFICE!

now i saw the different path of our commit, i counted my friend as well bt now it more downsizing from 50 to 22 person!! WHAT the HELL?

hahahaaa.. thats natural way to eliminated people who couldn’t passed it up with the struggle and sacrifice, we had continued as well in the last step! To legally our TROOPS and emblem our troops being established!

we went to some scout’s area, mid east area! hahahaaa.. with a penny on our pocket and also, the BRAVE HEART to faced what would be happened to us! hahahaaa… in mid nite, we traveled like a dog shit in a darkness and also the fearless, i have no idea, why i put my self in here? i was thinking so hard why i was so BRAVE? hahahahaaa…

we need to answer all the stupid-sleeping-yawning-peeing-QUESTION!! in mid nite! i said in the MID NITE with the silly dancing!

but all this happened sort of to accomplish my willing! this is my choice and i’ve to face it, neither my all friends in these TROOPER!

we remind as our bonded in a way found a truly loyal friend and among of us still remind the day we became a trully GREY’S TROOPER! Nov 11, 2002 legally as a GREY’S TROOPER and the MASCOT itself being a awesome!

thank you for 8th year being a member this TROOPER! remind me all the way we share and we lickin’ hahahaahahahaa


Happy Anniversary my GREY’S TROOPER!! i miss back the moment we fight- and we STRUGGLE!


Grey's Trooper


About Rinny Hafid

i am a part time WORKER, a part time CHEF and a FULL-TIME TRAVELER!

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