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corso di cucina italiana e festa di addio

These are warm, serene, bright autumn afternoons

Grazie, Chef!!

Today as remark on my schedule is Italian Cooking Class! i’m lil bit excited, i mean this is my first gathering with those people in cooking class after my last journey! hahahaa…

the day before, im looking foward a set of chef knife from my mom kitchen, then Voilaa!!! i found it, she told me that knife set was bought a couple years ago in mid of nowhere, and my daddy bought it from me! what a coincidence ! thank you dad, u must be proud of me, i took a cooking class in order to be a- good- wifey-in my future family! hahahaha

My tools were set then i’ve to find my apron! the blue one, and simple ornament! i just cant stand, why the apron so expensive?

On the day, like usual in saturday morning im missed my alarm, i got in a rushed for catch up the cooking class in 10 pm, what what should i do? aargghhhh…. Im lil bit stuck with light raining day! ohh god i wish i wish to have a spare time to covered another blanket in my bed? but hell, impossible!!

traffic is supperrr greatt! no traffic on weekend, then i came early so i can learn how to garnish! they asking me to make a beautifull flower from tomatos, then the class begin!! we just need to waited a few more team to began this class! but hey, MG would start, right away!

1st menu, its how – to – cook red sauce for various italian food, such as Spagheti and lasagna! cooking just like a magic show, our chef already have those sauce, she made it 2 weeks before this class! hahahaha… but we still get the instructure for sauce.

there are 2 basic sauce in Italian recepies, white and red sauce. white sauce was made for lasagna, its consist of cheese and garlic! thats all, and lil bit secret recepies from chef! hahahaa.. and the red one, its common sauce that u ever know!

my part? ive to chop a parsley and off course the tomatos for red sauce, and the show began! we busy with our part, and see also hear all the instruction, we’re multitasking now!! hahahaa….

it just spent a 4 hours to made a 4 recepis, lasagna, spagheti, garlic bread and salad!

all the ingredients was bought somewhere i didnt know, chef said, this virgin olive oil bought in jerusallem, red and white wine from south africa and the others, from several traveller in CS. its been a long time after i came back from DE, my friend yannie brought some Deutschland and suisse cheese, how a perfect!! i miss those diary product

i take another shot to made some lasagna, in my very own hand! i try to remember anything here, what is the basic and so on, the lasagna consist of 2 sauce, red and white for sure and the topping, a cheesse from switzerland!! awweeeeessoommmeee..

garlic bread

spagheti and my garnish!

bueno lasagna







right after our 1st menu finished, we just right away kill em asap! lol i couldnt passed it up, we’re so mucchhh hunger! yummmm—ooo spagheti splendid my hunger! hahaaa,,,and also we just like forget anyting about the next recepies! hahaha..

we waited our lasagna on the bake, so we continued with garlic bread! easy, simple and perfecto!

and before the closing, we have 4 different falvour of ice cream, i was dream of the gelato in italy! lol, ok like the same thing here!

and we have another member to join, from CS and her guest from Aussie, she said “monkey island” her name carolyn

Olive Oil by Holy Land

Italiana Cuisine








ive to wrapped the cooking class, after 2 direction call from jjeelleeekkk!! ive to admit, today another occasion was so in a rush! im heading to kemang, right away to nenek’s crib with Honeydew kindness whose drop me around Pond Indah. Im so in a rush to attend farewell party for jjeelleekkk’s brother! sorryy i was so late, and yesssss im stranded here!

LOL i am so stranded! yet full of bunch creepy things here! i felt like a flash back the moment i got used to came in this area, a place i used to stayed when i was young before i moved with my mom, that house in jalan sawo nearby jeelleekk’s house remind me about my 2 loving man, which is my dad and my grandpa!

what a wicked world!! its so flashed into the passed year!

i have been 5 hours stranded in kemang, and the party was over yet. i dunno nothing but i felt like so much tired and off courseeee,, so FULL! a lot of food came into my body, in fact i cant dismissed all of them! huahahahaa… we doin like the same thing here, chit chat in their backyard and asking jjeelleekk to take a part in my next europe trip!

i wish she will accept that! hahahaaa… in order to she might be wanted to europe trip next year! but yeaaahhh like everybody can see, she even didnt bother any shake a thing! hahaha what a good employee!ok, i need more effort to make her sure, but who knows? lets see

then, i took my last taxi in advanced. moomie called and ive to soonest time went home!!

but one thing for today, farewell party isnt a day when you left people that you love, but it was the beginning how you reminds whose you love.


Traveller Cooking Class full version



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