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its – stupid-romantic-comedy-draaaggqueen-movie!

Be fearless. Have the courage to take risks. Go where there are no guarantees


Today, i’ve been realized that my best friend was finished her misery! LOL! since a month ago, she had to faced the problem! but yes, she is happy now! her life back to normal, mostly her dad.

and today, i decided to spent a couple hours to met each other! like usual things to do, all the girlies done while after breaking-up and family potrait. SHOPPING!! best healing for everybody, and everybody happy!

yeeaayy… i knew her typical, we choose a mid-east asian food, in the corner, like i know before her favorite menus and dessert! i always bring her my new recepies for her dessert. hahahaa.. we do like having a picnic!

then randomly, choosing our favorite movie genre! its – stupid-romantic-comedy-dramaqueen-movie! hahahahahahaa..

on row B, in a rush after we lunch, get into the movie so rapidly insane! our 20-mid age doin like 15 yo teenage girl. but i’ve to admit, you can doing this only with your BEST-FRIEND!

We never have a DIET WORDS, in our dictionary! we Eat, We Buy, and We’re Having Fun! after watching Movie, i  am looking for a bookstore to buy a postcard and another book for my friend’s brother (He’ll have a farewell party) , groceries buy some food and pickin a hawker local food in advance!

visiting a boutique, try some pants, clothes and we NEVER WANTED to BUY! hahahahaa…. silly!

thats us, with many silly things and enjoy our distance off course never-been-missed a GOSSIPING!

these ages mid-20-age, in urban socio life with many unexpected things happen also the freakin’ out question of “When you will Get Married?” oohh… i never know what a good sentence to answer!!

eits, not to be forgotten today “Schönes Jubiläum mein Lieber” sehr schon!!



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i am a part time WORKER, a part time CHEF and a FULL-TIME TRAVELER!

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