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Korean Culture Festival 2010

Last weekend after finished my-lazy-class, I decided to went to some random mall in Jakarta to find a vibe! Me and 2 friend of mine are willing to take this part..

So here we come, this is my 1st time to goofing around here, then I saw a lot people was stuning into the main atrium on the Ground Floor!! Its cooking time!!
I’ve to wait, until 30minute to see the preparation, but suddenly there are 2 young teenager brought some cute cermics then they said is FREE!!

They gimme a direction, then we’re on the 1st level to queue on the line in order to get a free ceramics and get a changes to make it on ur own!! Hahahahaa suppeerrrrbbb

You know what? I’ve to wait within 2,5 hours to get those ceramics!!
Silllyy yet stupid!! I bet my friend really enjoyed our ceramics class

And now we’re brought a ceramics into our houses!!

I loveeeeeee culture festival


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i am a part time WORKER, a part time CHEF and a FULL-TIME TRAVELER!

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  1. Sweet!!! those ceramics i want it, for the candle! LOL


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