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Jakarta – Siam (Suvarnabhumi, BKK)

Flying with us, its just another way to have your own pleasure!

Finally, with all those circumstance. i do my own backpacker indeed! i remember the day before i left, theres shit passed my path.. and it was just the beginning, you never know what would be happened next.


in the morning, i got a lil rush to accomplish my assignment, a lot. i said A LOT! i do with my very big damn pissed off, sort of i forget to catch up my friends to arrange our meeting point. i have my own deadline to prepared all those stuff, as you know i got my packed in the last minute before i slept a day before.. what a sooo stupid! but i’m surely help with my mom (Thank you anyway, mom 🙂 )

at 1 pm, my friend call me. Then we catch up within 30 min i’ve had been waited! yeah.. right away we get into close with the airport, and one step closer to began our backpack. in the airport, we have a lot things to do, check-in, bagage etc, like people do!

but hell, i didnt saw the newlyweds. Ok never mind, we’re gonna used to. from the bagage until the custody check, me an my friends do the STUPID and the Silly things! all-of-them.. i SAID all the things that we cannot to understand why we’re all stupid.

Break the rules, didnt got the point about everything that the officer said, and the most i felt like playing with the STUPID-crispy-Riddle! LOL forget it.. we thought it were a joke for our lives

time to Boarding., we had waiting for take off, and yeah here i am in the cheapest airlines to go! yeeaayyyy…

God, thanks finally! im flewn away. away from home, away from the depressed day and hectic weeks! and lucky me, my row so emmpty, but wait stupid me i decided to changed my seat to the young lady for laid back and now im sitting with my friends, and you know what? I HAVE GOT PUNKED! damn…

CGK-BKK — its take about 3 hours, in the 15000 high and before i landed, my ear…oohh no i forgot to put my handsfree on it, its hurt when the altitude got low.

Swas di Kah — helloooo, Neat, futuristic and one of the best top ten airport in the world! wwooohhoooooo.. we’re looking around, see the best spot to being narcist tourist and got IT! haha.. and we have to wait my friend’s uncle to picking us, we round a round and round found the exit gate and i have to admit, suvarnabhumi airport is sooooo damn awesome

suvarnabhumi airport

Petchaburi – Pratunam —-  we across the highway to get into close with the city, i met the friendly fam in the car, we talked anything about our plan, everything to made it easier for us, i just overwhelmed with everything i saw. Bangkok was had a heavy rainy day, so they came too late to picked us. but i just dont care, now i felt like in- the- edge- of – CALLED-PLEASURE! yeay

Wilkommen nach Bangkok

we arrived in their Fancy apartement in Pratunam street, in mid of the down town of bangkok, near by the Indonesia’s embassy and off course just a couple block from Siam Paragon, i-setan, and all the Shopping mall, you just NAMED IT! intersting

Late dinner, thank you so much.. they already have our dinner! what a kind, i’m so starving since we landed. And now, see the gracefully rice and all group of indonesian’s food — hey, i just 5 hours away from Indonesia, tough! hehehe..

i am tired, and lil bit tired afterward. cant ressist how my eyes wont stayed any longer again. me and friends slept in their daughter room plus with their mother, who had visiting them! Nice Grand ma, and nice room!

so, i couldnt passed it up, im flewn away to my dream. i was dream everything will be NICE. cant hardly wait what will happen tomorrow..

Good nite everybody.. have a nice dream and to be continued…..


About Rinny Hafid

i am a part time WORKER, a part time CHEF and a FULL-TIME TRAVELER!

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