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This is my day? Time Flies, and im stand still

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May 28, 2010

“There is a voice we should more often listen to—a voice we know in our hearts offers sage advice that can help us through dark times. It is the voice of experience.”

Time flies, and im too scared shitless to faced my ages now!

How fast isnt it? A year to headed or a year for better?

Well i guess, its kinda lil bit the same, every year in every date my bday just like ordinary story to written, wishing thoughtfull in the midnite, recieved more texted and too many emails notication from social networking

well well its so regular urban life, they used a tools to recognize people social living! Even me, i admit it!

But like ussual day, i just woke up, no SURPRISE then i just thinking about mesty story a month ago, i couldnt passed it up how she can do it like a fairy tale!

My life isnt a DRAMA QUEEN, but i like people used to! Need something that a can make me overwhelming and surrounded by noticeable person. See, im too much complaining!

This morning my mom, gimme a kiss cheek,, when i got my sajadah to pray! She liked a spontanious cases, asking me

”hey, today is ur bday right? Come here,,, i will kiss you and pray the best for you“

gosh,, really i need a time to think, what kind of feeling? Something that i never felt before, its just once a year happen! Viola!

Mesty, is very suppperrrbb person in those situation i really adorer, competely in her life without any ditch! I dunno, might i was wrong about it.. but sureal its DAMN GOOD SURPRISE! I ever know!

But thats life, we never knew! But today, ive special nite with my besties,, a special performance from my lovely boyfriend, Haryo! Hahahaha

in Stadtschouurburg

after all the tidbits doing, we ( i mean, me and others girl) meeting up in some previllage and fancy theater in jakarta, yet the oldest one.. and mostly like in JAPAN setting.

He said in my social network, that he couldnt give me anything, but his bset performance was dedicated to me! Hahaha.. good statement!

In the beggining i deciced to take a part in family reunion, in some cases i dont wanna being late in ENJUKU’s performance ! So i ve canceled

i dunno what really exist in my day today, im being canceled meeting up people in family reunion, watching all day with no bundaries, and yess i need some one to filled up my ordinary day! Well well this is the same old prayed ive to asked with GOD!

Every bday , every nite after the bday wishes! OH GOSHHH… i was forgot to make a simple wish in my DAY? Can i said NOW? Damn… how could be?

Silly, so much SILLY! What the i was thinking? I just forget the rituals! The OLD rituals?

Well god, you know what i wish for right? You know everything that i wanted over the year, day by day, nite after nite, even bday by bday..

in the teater i met some hunk-japanesse-man! He was sit next to me, and with his japaness accent, he was talked to.. haahhaa.. so lucky, but i have to say, i dont have any reason to start something BRAVE, eventhough i knew it that he might be understood about the story in this teater, and also the language!

Hahhaa… me and others didnt understand any about japaness word or languange, we tottaly silly vewers, eventhough, the board gave to us a mini-text in bahasa Indonesia! And it was so realy owesome!!

a half an hour, we really get a gracefully performance from ENJUKU Japan! Really interesting, they combined the folks and the song in japaness to a great showcase, yet lighted!

Yes i have a SPECTACULAR PERFORMANCE from Japan!

Not to forget, im very very blessed to having a friend and family to accompany me through this ages and yet social networking to really help me to connected!

GOD.. i need ur other CREATOR, the most beautiful MAN ALIVE! To complete me, i mean makes me MORE COMPLETE! Because im already complete!!

Happy BDAY To Me!


ur trully Body, Minds, and Heart, yet SOULS

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i am a part time WORKER, a part time CHEF and a FULL-TIME TRAVELER!

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