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“an unexpected or astonishing event, fact, or thing

a feeling of mild astonishment or shock caused by something unexpected”

I’ve to admit.. i am a waiting a moment of cherish surprise.. i dunno! Its kinda possible things that made for me from other,,

what? OTHERS? Who are THEY? I mean like,,suspicious jiggy? HELL.. NO! Who am i?

I am a some surprise maker some of my friend.. i just recognize how many cherish things i gave to my old-friend.. i never wanted to paid foward. I dunno just like to be a surprise maker, although how hard was gonna be but that kinda adventured for me.. hidding a beautiful things for make a wonderfull smile or even a great DAY ever to them.

The sacrificed about the timming, concept and gathering with people who the one she/he love thats i called ”exploded of beautiful surprise“ people might didnt recognize about it, but someone outta there really waiting a beautiful surprise.


Surprise Face!! LOL

back in these days. I dunno when my last surprise whom suppperrrbb exiceted who made for me! Its like 10 years or even more than that years? My last surprised was in Boston, my secret admired asked some radio local to intreviewed me on my Bday, it was around 10 years ago! Wwhhoooppp great.

Nowdays, i have a supeerrrbb crazy things for some of my closest friend! I dunno, i just cant said it .. i just doin it because its all that i can give to my friend, sumthin that can be explained by word to showed that i do care with them, afterall.

Calling a cake shop. Strugling with the price!! hahahaaha.. created a silly drama queen, texted that he/she might be realized that i was on the way their home to giving some surprise!

Wrapping a difficult gift… big Box! Tons of gift set.

Fooling around in the mall, to fit in the gift! From Dress to Stilletoues, etc! Get some back pain afterall but already said it was so FUN!

Exhauting day for ONE gorgeous moment was been Paid after she/he made a smile for me, i dunno for my effort to surprise them or just for me? I dunno! And i dont wanna think more than that.

Knocked he/she door room for blewn up the candle or called some local radio to give the unique event.. well.. its only that i can do.. simplest way to get NOTICE!

But some how people can be easily to forgotten, what i’ve been done for them, its human kind, but i lil bit dissapointed, i dunno why this soft-rejection was so tortured me! I didint expect something, just simple word of Thank you, i admit it! Many friends told me that i was so really STUPID and too KIND! But even they didnt get the point itself.. so i DONT even CARE with.

Sharring the happiness with others and might someday i can feel in the same way, like i have been done lately!

so… surprise SURPRISE is always AWESOME and Scrumptious!

Surprise effect


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i am a part time WORKER, a part time CHEF and a FULL-TIME TRAVELER!

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