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Daddy’s Legacy

so, actually this is my old post from my old blogs!!

menghela nafas, dan diam sejenak setelah saya menemukan buku itu! klo aja td ga disuruh cari bingkai di gudang, saya ga akan dengan kreatifnya ngbongkar box yg tulisannya “Belongs to Dad” dan sekarang menemukan buku yg sekarang akan saya kutip disini.
A father like him? really? wrote some story in very good way, its daddys way i thought! told about his feeling, when he realized that he became a father!

“Done, its 4.39 am. i should check my email first then call my mother, i knew its so worries but i cant hardly wait to call her. i need suggestion for my new baby born. its always have the first step to do it something. But something bother me, something that i cant explained by words, i cant seriuosly in meeting, i cant even breath afterall, i just want to meet my wife, she struggle with “sweet-pain” she said, our baby gonna see the new world. hello world!
i am looking this every moment, from the first she (my wife-red) told me thats she is already pregnants. woww.. a father? really, im waiting so long, to get this opportunity is more than a million dollars Bid or any else, i become a father, i’ll rise a child, feed up, thaught? or maybe do it something good with my child, now tonite im waiting that moments. My wife asked me to accompany her in maternity. ok i’ll do it! cant hardly wait to see those proceed!

i canceled my trip to japan, i bought my sister some jacket for her birthday tomorrow, while im very desprated worrie about my wife, god its kind like killing me so bad. am i ready for this new JOB?

maybe i can over-worked in office, built the company with my father, fighting the trade with my Brother and sister, but now in my 27 years old i have a new job as A FATHER! some lil child call me “Daddy?”

I just wondered, how i can make my children proud of me, make he/she (i even didnt want to know about the gender, its surprised!) comfy in my lullaby’s song, snog her/his every time i can make it possible.
what the best lesson to rise the very good children in ur own hand, i thought my father doin it very good, but i’ll make it double for my child!
my life has just begun, my new life, new spirits as a daddy. i want grow old with my child! i want to see my child grow and shine. thats my dream!

see Him/Her Grow with very good condition, good education, good family and wealth of knowledge gained by reading. I never schooled at parenting
And i may not be a perfect one, Through all mistakes and human failings, teach him/her about this life, learn how to walk, speak, and more.

when he/she become a teenager, can i teach him/her to face the broken heart? teach them how to treat their mother or treat their Girlfriend? or maybe how to kick a stupid bad boy in 1st date (if a girl). well i just want make sure He/She will be okay, realize that im goin through with her/him in every condition.

now im looking for my camera, i promise not singles capture to left, this moments! yes, i call my father, then he said : “calm down, everythings will be okay, drive safely and come soonest time. i even had those feeling until my 7th child has born”

hahahaa..great, he said like nothing to be fear, im worried about my wife and also my surprised gift from her “A Baby”.


Thank you God, for this miracle! now i am a father from a lil girl. 28.05 Welcome to the New World, my princess! Hello World! i am ready for stay-up every singles nite! thank you my wife, you made my life so full today and happy birthday my sis, now we celebrated together with your niece!

To : My Dear Girl

“You must expect that the advices which I shall give you will be very imperfect, as there are many nameles delicacies, in female manners, of which none but a woman can judge.You will have one advantage by attending to what I am going to leave with you; you will hear, at least for once in your lives, the genuine entiments of a man who has no interest in flattering or deceiving you.–I shall throw my reflections together without any studied order, and shall only, to avoid confusion, range them under a few general heads. When you observe in a gentleman’s behaviour these marks which I have decribed, reflect seriouly what you are to do. If his attachment is agreeable to you, I leave you to do as nature, good ene, and delicacy, shall direct you. If you love him, let me advice you never to discover too him the full extent of your love, no not although you marry him. That sufficiently shews your preference, which is all he is intitled to know. If he has delicacy, he will ask for no stronger proof of your affection, for your sake; if he has ene, he will not ask it for his own. This is an unpleasant truth, but it is my duty to let you know it. Violent love cannot subit, at least cannot be expreed, for any time together, on both sides; otherwise the certain consequence, however concealed, is atiety and diguts. Nature in this case has laid the reserve on you.”


What a words.. i cant explained, i just sat and still schocked, crying! He taught me best the gift of laughter, Sincerity in friendships made, In conflict silence is much greater and cursing he always forbade. Thank you for writing me, thank you, you do the best job in ur life,dad. more than that i know you, u’re the best dad!

DADDY- Juara 1 se dunia!

tonite, i feeling like daddy watching me from another place, yet i miss him so badly!!

i love you dad

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i am a part time WORKER, a part time CHEF and a FULL-TIME TRAVELER!

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