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A Note To GOD

If I wrote a note to God

I would speak what’s in my soul

I’d ask for all the hate to be swept away

For love to overflow
If I wrote a note to God

I’d pour my heart out on each page

I’d ask for war to end

For peace to mend this world

I’d say
Give me the strength to make it through

Help me find love cause love is over due

And it seems like so much is goin wrong

On this road…… i am on
If I wrote a note to God

I’d say please help me find my way

End all the bitterness

Put some tenderness in my hearts

And I’d say, I’d say
And it looks like i haven’t got a clue

Need some help from you

Grant me the faith to carry on

Give me hope when it seems all hope is gone

Cause it seems like so much is goin wrong

On this road i am on
i can’t do this on my own

If I wrote a note to God

In my own life, God’s conversation most often take the form of thoughts that fill my head, especially when i am asking for help with a serious question and when i am willing to be quite enough to hear the answer. God “speak” to me in a voice that doesn’t sounds like anyone’s voice in particular . it is what i have called a “voiceless voice”, something like the voice of your own thoughts.
Now you might say, “well, they are your own thoughts!what makes you think this is the voice of God?” That’s a fair question. When i asked God that question, here’s the answer that i heard:

Rinny, if i was going to communicate with you, how else would i do it? wouldn’t “putting thoughts into your head” be one of the most effective ways?

How do you think that i communicate with people if it is not by putting “thoughts in their head?” do you think that i show up at their doorstep in a long white robe and hand them a scroll? Do you think that i appear in a cloud of mist over their bed and boom my wisdoms into the air? would that be more believable to you?

Is this how you have it? that the more unbelievable something is, the more believable it is?
I’ll tell you this: i come to people in the way that is most believable. I do this for a very good reason. I want to be believed. Yet even then you do not believe me.

For most people, the most believable way for God to show up in their lives would be as an apparition, with me appearing in robes and handling over a tablet. I have done those things, yes. But do you think i am limited to those things?
More often – much more often – i come to people in a much more natural way, as a much more integral part of life itself. This could be as a thought, as a feeling, or as an inspiration, just as i am coming to you now through the feelings you are having and the words you are hearing and the paragraph that is coming to you in this way


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i am a part time WORKER, a part time CHEF and a FULL-TIME TRAVELER!

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