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A very Good Mark, Kiddo!

Well.. its kinda wasting  atime and money i thought! through the rain and the traffuck its self!

but all has been PAID!! hmmm…. i supposed to scream aloud as loud as i CAN barerly!! hahaahaha,,,, but i am not, consedired how pathetic i am to saw my lovely classmate , got a “D” on their last Final on Managerial Economis Subject! and you know what (my dad will be proud of me) i’ve got ‘B’ ! yyaayyyyyyyyyy…

You Go Girl!! for all this things happened since the class began, until the last day met the superliciouss lecture, yet Cheesy gave the result last nite!!

my heart goes beat louder, im competd with my classmate, in last college and now we competed as a new student in grossy university! lol

before that, ive claimed myself to buy me something after this final test, something makes me feel happier to faced up those subject in entire months, but now i’ve to canceled up for my next trip to Bangkok, aammiieeeennn!!! lol

i wonder having new mobile, and saving for the last trip too. but i dunno since i realized that i am not so economics hobbits! lots of Expenses than the Income!! Pathetic

but i am happy for the mark! at least i save my time and money for re-schedule for matriculation or  another things who’s make me more scared!!

so, GOD! The Almighty and the Loving! Thank you for ur Blessed TODAY! Raining outside, cold inside!

Please, accompany me to through this year, and giving me your KINDNESS and Your Secure!

my cell phone rang:

Windows message : Ammssiioonngggg!

“Where the hell are you?” my mom asked you, to going HOME SOONEST! cousin texted me some irritating so muchhh…

but i’ll home, coz my new lecture unfortunatelly didnt come yet. i decide to saving my energy to come home earlier than before, exception with those texted! lol

yaaayyy,,,another Phone Call

Screening ; “BBF-Gstringthatut”

“hello,bookkk… where are you? im going to spent tonite with my bro, in *beeeeeepppp* will you join?

i replied : shit no,i just take some bus to went home, thut!! its too late..but i wanna join!! huh….

i continued my journey and take a lite conversation with my family, and having a blassssssseeeddd day!! lol

Thar MARK really infected me soooooo muccchhhhhhh


About Rinny Hafid

i am a part time WORKER, a part time CHEF and a FULL-TIME TRAVELER!

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  1. beuuuhh… bikin blog juga ternyata loo… hahahah, baru tau gue… keren-keren…

  2. Soorrryyyy.. Gw br inget klo lo kuliah. Gile aje tuh “Kantin” lo, setengah jam lebih bwt cari parkiran, ujung2nya pke valet, cm 10rb kok, dr kemaren aja. lol!

  3. ame sape disuruhnya??? ah nyaingin aja lu… hahahaha…*kidding*

  4. wwiiddiiiiiihh.. aku search blog ehh nemu si rincaaaiii!! senengg deh sahabat ku pintar belajar dan pintar memassaaaaakkkkkk…. dan tak lupaa pintar parrrteeeeeee.. hahaha
    vermissen dich


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