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i dunno i was so stupid with my day. last nite i was dreamed about ‘hasslich’,,and suddenly i was woke up and dunno what’ve been thinking,,,scramble my mind,hijacked my brain nuthin less bout only only and only bout the hasslich..
and for the worst thing, I spent a several minute in silence because of my silliness
a bunch of particel aver my head and doesnt million bravely cant exploded, i was so stuck and how i can express what felt inside
i tried to covered mine with stumble with others, but i doesnt work..doesnt really worked out,,outa my head just hasslich inside,, blurry with the extra-ordinary imaging of life and i believed i was stucked and i couldnt aforced into the real things. effortless…so really effortless
counting the days, to make my wish suddenly got hear, got onto my real life, i hate being rejected,,
wy i’ve so really want to look more perfect off it, why i dislike to being my self? why im so scared of being useless off it, isnt really me,,isnt who i am,,i was mad with my  things, i was so unreal,.
fucked up,,so fucked up being like this..


About Rinny Hafid

i am a part time WORKER, a part time CHEF and a FULL-TIME TRAVELER!

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