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Pre – Post Video of Goulding’s single in 2015

Ellie Goulding – Love me like you do (Ost. Fifty Shades of Greys)

Been a long time to read this novel – Trilogy of EL James

Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2011 erotic romance novel by British author E. L. James. It is the first installment in theFifty Shades trilogy that traces the deepening relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business magnate, Christian Grey. 


A Glimpse of 2012 (Doomsday it’s HOAX)


since my last story about BOSTON. then today i write while am in BALI!! yeaayy Bali!!


i do i have.. Laugh, Tears, and sharing moment that i never forget. New Place, New pace of  Work and Routine, Everything is in New for me.

I start with my new Job in Coca Cola Amatil. On Feb. Right After i resigned from LAO PDR at ASEAN Sec.
how i could be happen? well, i dont know, just my 2 cent i guess.
starting the induction until the last project in Ubud, Bali. Bali? For Work? isn’t that bad, tho!INTERSTING
wait for it, until i finished my line anout this project lol lol

Well 2 months i started to understanding in coca cola plant. To do or not to do.. how to deal with people , etc. Sharing moments with GTP 10 (btw, GTP 10 my new Troopers!!) lol

Almost 2 months we studying and understanding of the bussiness. Its never be the same again, i started to rent a small room to share, far away from house, then the time was i’ve to left my roomate. icha, Zafira, Jojo and jejen 😦

DDN roomate (Icha, Zafira, Jejen, and Jojo)

DDN roomate (Icha, Zafira, Jejen, and Jojo)

i got my 1st placement On the job training in BALI!!! yeayyy… with my 6 survivors troppers!!! (Agatha, Bagas, Ida Bagus, Peter and Bernard)ahhaha couldn’t believe that we’d no where to went and to do?
and welcome to the real jungle, buddies!!!

3months in Bali with termendous things to do.. Acting like a boss, do it whatever we like since we arrived in Bali.



a good moment, until i realize they have “something” to us. They forced us to be and be the best we can do.
after our very 1st presentation about the project, now. looking deeper with the business (seriously??)

then the time i’ve to face “how jungle where i belong” right after my 1st presentation of the progress, i was sent to East Island , the place that i never think about. In the east we stay, in the east we learnt. i sent to Southern Sulawesi.

my new Project on SSi was MTP division. But waitt… until i explore Sulawesi in deep area. Traveled from one to others sub-urban area. Small city and many things. it was nice that time. i really enjoying 4 hours drove and stay in so – so hotel, btw. i sratch man’s car. hahahhaha that’s so stupid!!
I covered some area in Southern Sulawesi. And i’ve a lotta possibilities to explore the tourism place also food temptation. me and 2 others silly boy (Bagas and Peter) had this very good opportunity (well, for me yes, i dont know about those guys!lol)

a lot of thing that i’ve learnt from this programm. The way we thought, learnt maturity of life, pace of work, and understanding this industry so deeply. Interesting!! so much..

Eh Wait, i’m one of the life victim for 12-12-12 day or 20-12-2012 or 21-12-2021. Honestly am pretty happy because the forcasted of doomsday its never be happen . Instead of 12-12-12 Tante Dije birthday, 20-12-2012 A lot of my friend have their own VOWs and 21 dec of god. Its raining in Denpasar. THANK YOU for giving me an opportunity to see 2013.

so, i declare there’s no DOOMSDAY on 2012. Its HOAX.

i’ll def waiting for the next best thing on 2013. Off course after our final BIP project. The project who can define us so real, where as exactly we fits in.

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Before I Left Boston

Today, my mom left to met her friends. I woke for breakfast, and at the moment i missed something deeply, while my mom asked me to grab her purse, i read something really interesting me. ” Boston for Reunion”.i missed Boston, i will go there after this crazy winter. 

and i let my mind flashback …. 

About two or three weeks ago. i had myself being desperately miserable. know that i’m graduating from junior high and moved back to Indonesia anytime soon and what am i gonna do afterwards? i’m confident enough that i have so much offer to this life, but now the question is what does life have to offer for me?

 i was drowned into there miseries, 9/11 tragedy made me felt insecure. My mom’s job also never known how its gonna be. my sleeping habit became catastrophe for the rest of the day.  i wont leave state very soon, i want still here. Ride my bike, down to the alley, watching Brooklyn Bridge in new york, walked into the philly’s anything i used to.

Until one day i had myself sleeping for the whole day (timing did not exist bt that time of my life), i was laying in bed in 180 degree rotation from the usual angle of normal sleeping (i did it intentionally) – facing my window pane that enables me to overlook up to the sky.

 so i woke up. i was stunned for quite a long time, frankly i was shocked. all these scenery moved me, All the sudden all the miseries disappeared. i ran into my desk to grab the camera. The moment inspired me , i can feel myself swimming in it peacefully.

 Since then i wake up early to get the chance to watch the rising sun – living the life for the rest of the day and eventually fulfilling my spirit by having a meditation which i call “swimming through my window pane” when the sun is setting down. 

sometimes even though it’s 114% humidity outside, summer in Boston is really nice

so here you go. Enjoy swimming 

Chocolate Tart

Best Tart Chocolate!!!

I had been craving a chocolate tart for the longest time before I actually made one for myself.

here’s my 1st cake in 2012, my first baked after the new year euphoria

i found this recipe about year ago, prepared all the ingredients also last year. Hahahaha.. i found myself such a pro procrastinate person. This cake, became one of my very favorite ones. Is lil bit tricky, so lets bake!!

Rich Chocolate Tart 



185 gr Flour 

150 gr Butter/ margarine (Cold and cut into small chunks)

25 gr Cocoa Powder

55 gr icing sugar mixture

2 eggs yolk

1 tbs ice water

Step by Step


4 eggs yolk

2 eggs

55 gr Castor Sugar

80 ml Heavy cream

300 gr Dark Cooking Chocolate

1 tbsp Vanila essence


Pastry : 

Campur tepung, bubuk coklat, gula dan mentega di dalam mangkuk FP, lalu proses hingga tercampur rata. Masukkan kuning telur dan air, proses lagi hingga menggumpal. Uleni adonan hingga lembut. Tutup menggunakan plastik, dinginkan di kulkas selama 30 menit.

Panaskan oven, suhu sedang (moderate). —-> 160-170 C

Giling adonan pastry hingga cukup lebar untuk memuat loyang tart bongkar pasang ukuran 24cm yang sudah diolesi mentega hingga ke sisinya. Letakkan pastry ke dalam loyang, tekan-tekan ke sisi-sisinya, lalu ratakan pinggirannya. Tutup, dinginkan di kulkas selama 30 menit.

Tutup pastry dengan baking paper, isi dengan kacang kering atau beras, letakkan di atas loyang oven. Panggang tanpa ditutup selama 15 menit. Keluarkan kertas dan kacang2an/beras, panggang lagi 10 menit hingga sedang kecoklatan. Dinginkan.

 Filling : 

Kocok kuning telur, telur dan gula caster di dalam mangkuk kecil dengan mixer hingga kental dan creamy. Masukkan krim, coklat dan ekstrak. Tuang adonan coklat ke dalam pastry yang sudah dipanggang. Panggang selama 30 menit atau hingga filling matang/set. Dinginkan selama 10 menit

 Bikinnya agak tricky, Baking Blind technic. Hasil dr Crust nya beneran crunchy dan gak terlalu manis. well, this is soooo favorite!!

a Slice of tart

Jangan ditanya, sudah pasti eenaakkkk banget!!! Lets baking!!

Video Of The Year in Me 2011

My hitching Race Video, was taken by Canon

Nana  26th Bday —–> All Over the world 

This video, was taken all over the world from my friend ‘nana, Jojo and nabil’ they surfed at my placed, and jojo had an idea to made this beautiful surprise for his bestmate Nana, and Nabil helped this video. i was forget which part in this video, contains me. lol so you better watched this entire video. Super fun, yet touching!!

Part 1

Part 2

My 25th Bday Video ——> why this is so happened? LOL 

it wasn’t successful video, but you can see how the stupid things happened while taped. i still like it, even if just was an unpredictable moment. LMAO

Video Clip of the year! —-> in my version 

My favorite Video from Gym Class Heroes and India Arie. i dont know, i like it very much. rhyme, beat and all the composition. Very modern art and shine on!

Gym Class Heroes —> so 90’s , reminds me of bronx in late 90 and all the boom box things!!

India Arie Feat Musiq soulchild ——> so catchy and urban style . Neat and minimalist video 


Best Of 2011 in ME!

in Fact, 12 month, 52 weeks, 365 days, and 8760 Hours. 

New Year COMING!! yeayy a lot of message came into my blackberry. Their remind me about ‘time flies’!! ‘New Hope, New Spirit, New of EVERYTHING!’ more or less they urged me to do something new.  

Just because I end chat your Happy New Year wishes on Broadcast Message, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it. Thanks

 A year passed with the same old things. And Today, after big party with my whole family, i stranded with my mac again. Write the possibility story in my 1st day of 2012. Might people do resolution of their life, year by year and every year to wish for. i don’t know why this momentum really have an impact. i mean, you can improved or have a new resolution every single day you had. 

for me, 2011 in 4 words it will be ‘YEAR OF Mid-Criss’ oh waiitt another 4 words ‘YEAR OF BROKEN HEART’   —->  lmao 

NOW, i will review the best of 2011 on my version!! 


always, stunned by JAVAJAZZ Festival, annually festival held every march. i never missed single fest. 

 #BestOf2011 Student Exchange (SSYEAP)

April 2011, i was selected in SSYEAP from Ministry of Youth and Sport. I took some talented performanced to got the win trip to Japan. And i was in Best 10


 #BestOf2011 My 25th Birthday!!!

May, yes!! i love this month ever!! i celebrated my 25th bday, in many different ways to celebrate. i posted my story here in my blog. Thank you my friend, Adwiya and family. bring it on! and all my fellow for the surprise party. Hey, Mbak Ade (Chairani JK) thank you for carrot cake. Yummy!!!

Carrot Cake

 #BestOf2011 RACE!! Jakarta Hitching Race

i posted this story also. Wow incredible!! i love this adventure, met my CS friend and all the crazy things. Fabs!!


 #BestOf2011 Freelance Job!!

i got my several freelance job, during 2011. I took a part in EO and Asean for sure. Is funny, because every day i saw a big transformer into real life. lol and also, i crushed with some exhibitors hahaha.. i can say it is crazy, but that was just crushed. Hey you, Rama Kunto!! i heart you… LOL 

26th Sea Games!! I love it, very much!! Indonesia, Indonesian athletes to successfully bring the good name internationally through the Sea Games

Sea Games in Jakarta Fashion Week

#BestOf2011 Interview (Secret Company) 

I never thought, someone calling me from middle of nowhere to asked me for an interview. Well i make this an appointment in very quick respond! Why not, Nothing to lose to accepted it. And again, you can see the whole story in here. 

#BestOf2011 A century of Friendship

we built, we grown, and we laughed together. In past 10 years, we’re in the same bound, same flag and same NAME!! How beautiful this things, and 2011 made us more grown-up. Thank you for this 10 years together. Keep it Fight, Greys!! More you can read here

#BestOf2011 My BestFriend Wedding!! 

one of my girl, officially became a Mrs. Amkas. 2 different culture into one big party. My friend origin from LAMPUNG, and her hubby origin from MAKASAR!! i was being a maid of honor! yippii.. i was so happy!!

My BestFriend Wedding

maid of (DIS) HONOR

#BestOf2011 Deutsch Fuer Anfaenger

Exhibition opening on Tuesday, the 15th of November 2011, 10.30 am with Dr. Norbert Baas, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, and Franz Xaver Augustin, Goethe-Institute, Regional Director for Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Humorous and with a tad of self-irony “Deutschland für Anfänger” (Germany for Beginners) answers questions about the history, culture and politics of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Based on the German alphabet, the letters in the exhibition explore concepts from A like “Arbeit” (work) and F like “Fußball” (football) to Z like “Zukunft” (future): Not in small print, but super-sized, colourful and appealing. The interactive nature of the exhibition invites visitors on a journey to form their own picture of Germany – the exhibition allows visitors to participate, explore, contemplate and smile.

The exhibition opens with a sound tunnel welcoming visitors with typical sounds representing daily life in Germany. An audio booth with football songs and a video screen that allows observers to get a glimpse of German “Gemütlichkeit” during the Oktoberfest (annual beer fest) are also part of the exhibition.

Deutsch Fuer Angfaenger

#BestOf2011 Nenek Bday!!
On the last day in 2011, Last day in December. Nenek Bday, No Cake but new sillicon baking. LOL
I can hardly understand ur taste, nek. But I love you. Get Better, Dont get to Older! 

I can’t even remember what I did exactly at this hour a year ago today. Or two years ago. New Years haven’t been that much memorable lately. Say goodbye to yesterday, say hello to the all new me.  Although today’s just another day, but now 2011 is just a memory.
Since today’s the first day of the new year and all, I’ma do something totally different